Why Crypto market down these days

Everyone asking this question and panic always.

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Source - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xs1Cha1Hn24

I am always advising to you all, do not sell your portfolio for cheap price unless you have dead urgent.

From November to January there was a bull market and Green always. but now its red on the market. it always happens everyday we can not expect ups at every time. i will explain why the whole market red these days , the major reasons are BAN on advertisements.

First Crypto related ads ban on Facebook , all newbies and panic persons all sell their portfolios
recently google ban on ICO ads and Crypto related ads that's too bad for the Crypto world.

Another big bad news coming on Crypto market that's Twitter also going to ban Crypto currency related ads and ICO ads.

These actions are good for the Crypto currency world. they indirectly supporting the BITCOIN. they need to filter the scam projects and works with genuine interest projects.

Till the june ends please be patient , as per past analysis and technical analysis new market circles up coming.

These days absolutely happened the MARKET CORRECTIONS

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