Legacy Lotto – Revolutionary Ticket system with smart contract

Legacy Lotto – Revolutionary Ticket system with smart contract

Today I am going to tell about the Legacy Lotto ICO. This is important because it’s the first decentralized worldwide lottery offering ticket mining and self-executing smart contracts.
Currently there is no project like this, this will be great hit in the smart contract industry. Most innovative part of the Legacy lotto is Ticket mining. This will be done through CPU power HASH Rate, so the users can increase the chances of jackpot winning.
There are key factors that we have to look before us investing. Online gambling is now very popular than previous times, take look at the previous charts   Billion dollar market there. Industry experts says this market will be 97$ billion in 2024. Always 20% increment there when we compare to previous years.

For more details you can see from the white paper, click here or https://drive.google.com/file/d/1BmwzsunfBmQXFG9bJirGDZDM3lLwvBbL/view

Now I am going to describe the team behind this solid project.

Mr Rafael Utkin

He is an Entrepreneur, he takes lot of initiatives as a serial entreprenuner. He saw the online gambling market future. It’s going to be massive so he take the initiative.

Mr Alfonso Martin

Mr Martin Hold BA Degree from Tel aviv University. He also invested on crypto currency for long time. He has extensive experience on investment banking and other portfolio investments.  

Mr Alexander Yanovich
Block chain Developer

Mr Alexander has extensive experience on the Software development side and especially on hardware mining side. Surly his support will be big for the project

There are lot qualified and experienced professional work with this project. With their experience this smart contract based gambling project will be massive surly.
You can search more details through the LinkedIn Social Network.

Now I am showing ICO Details as per white paper.
1.       Pre ICO Starts on – January 22
2.       Pre ICO Ends on – February 14
3.       ICO Start Date – March 2
4.       ICO End Date I – April 20

·        Full token allocation is 1,000,000,000
Token allocation

Team 10%
ICO 80%
Foundation Budget   5%
Early Investors           5%

Most important thing I am going to describe is Road map, we can see how their progress.

2017 Q4 – Project concept initiate
2018 Q1 – Pre ICO and Main ICO to collect fund to run the project.
2018 Q2 – Smart Contract Completion
2018 Q3 – Decentralized Lottery launch. Legacy Lottery wallet, Token Listing on exchanges
2018 Q4 – Legacy Mining node extension
2019 Q4 – Mobile App Launch

In my opinion this is unique project because Ticket mining concept is there. It’s an innovative idea along with crypto world. From the GPU /CPU power you can mine the tickets and can increase the chances of winning the jackpot. https://www.legacylotto.io/

Advantages of the Legacy Lotto system

  • ·         Play at anywhere around the world.
  • ·         Play with new technological patterns compare to traditional patterns.
  • ·         Accept lot of currencies
  • ·         100% privacy and anonymous.  

I completely fond of the privacy concern. If you win a big jackpot in a traditional gambling place, everyone knows that you won some time it will be trouble so in this smart contract no one knows who the winner is. Specially names.

Now you can buy LGY tokens from the website https://www.legacylotto.io/buy-lgy
LGY is ERC 20 Supported Token so can keep on the private wallets.

There are lot partners Engaged
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You can contact through the


PRE-ITO [22 Jan, 2018 - 14 Feb, 2018]
ITO [15 Feb, 2018 - 20 Apr, 2018]


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