Bobs Repair ICO- Advised by john McAfee - Smart Contract

Bobs Repair – Backed by John Macafee


Today I am going to describe the Bobs repair ICO. It’s basically focus on smart contract to build a good relationship between consumers and contractors. Why I bring this ICO because this has great unique concept as well as great returns may give to the Investors. Basically this is connect with skilled labor force with the customers. For more information please visit their website

Now I am going to tell who are the behind this project, this is a main factor for considering a Good ICO

·         Mr. Frideric Prandecki

Mr. Frideric Prandecki studied at Harvard University and also he studied from North Carolina State University. He has got vas of experience on the as well as on skilled work platform. He is perfect assets to this bobs repair project.

·         Mr. Alexandre Prandecki

Mr. Alexandre too from the Harvard University. He was proven a great achievements in the history.
He is play store and app store developer. He has developed an app for the university students that raised over 2 Million USD. He has got extensive knowledge of everything on this project and give great back up. He also developed similar apps to connect workers and consumers effectively. He also active member of American Red Cross community.  

·         Mr Toddy Conley

Mr Toddy Conley has a Master in business administration from the University of Washington. He has great career history, he has worked in Microsoft program manager as well as system engineer. He has perfect knowledge of cloud based application he is a pioneer of it. Surly this Mr. Toddy valuable assets for the bobs repair Project.

There are different roles like Evgniy Tatarchuk (Senior Developer) , Pavel Rubin (Block chain and software developer) , DR Chirtina Czeschik ( Market growth analyst and strategy consultant )  and Inventus Law (The global technology law firm) , Alain Schoovers ( Senior Front end Developer)
In this project, most important thing is, John Macafee on the advisory team. John Macafee the Founder McAfee, He is given valuable asset as well as give good guidance to the project.

For More information you can get from reading of their white paper. In the white paper clearly mentioned about the project’s future. Here the link

**Pre sale ETH 6000 ETH soft cap reached**
Great news, Investors can take shares on the main sale, Main sale going to be happened on the 4th April 2018.

You can participate main sale on or just click here ICO Participation

Now I am going to describe the why do you want to Use Bob’s repair in the Future.

It’s a Cost Effective
Bob’s repair not take any charge to from the consumers to advertise or in the both way. It’s a big advantage to the consumers as well as skilled workers.

Professional team back
These professional staff have already implemented worker connecting applications. So they know what can be happen on the future as well as have unique solutions.

Reasonable prices for the Consumers
Bobs repair also seen take higher charge from the consumer’s. In the bob’s repair project give full confidence to the consumers that not to over-charge to the consumers.

Block chain technology
Bob’s repair always think about the customer’s protection. So they avoid the fake reviews to avoid scams.
“”One of the most interesting brick and mortar ICO’s I have seen””  - John McAfee Twitter

Now I am going to describe the roadmap,


·         Q2 2014 – STWP concept created 
·         Q3 2017 – Start the concept of bobs repair project. Connecting consumers and workers.
·         Q4 2017 – Formation of Bobs repair Inc. this has implemented the eliminate fraud    skilled trade           industry through decentralized market place
·         Jan 4th – Presale successfully completed. 6000 ETH
·         Q1 2018– Main crowd sale – 30,000 ETH April 4 the –Main male date
·         Q2 2018– Platform Development
·         Q3 2018 – App Development – through this app can connect consumers and workers.
·         Q4­ 2018 – Launch of bobs repair application

Participate main sale of ICO Click here

Here is a summary of the SWAP

The main sale going to be on 4th of April 2018. You can contribute by the ETH.
Additionally you can contact via

Good luck


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