How to be a Crypto Millioner

Most asked question in Crypto World, Answer here

If you need to be Crypto millioner Here the investment advice. If you have 1000$ or 10000 $ , here is the Portfolio Strategy.

Please do not panic.
  • 50% BTC
  • 25% ALT Coin
  • 25% ICO

this the Best Strategy you need, BTC always going to be moon so you have invest your 50% to that. then you have invest 25% alt coins. I will recommended alt coins

  • LTC
  • Powr
  • DASH
  • ETH Blue
  • WaBi (Coming Soon)

other 25% you must invest in ICO. This is a smart way to be crypto millioner. but research about it. some time you invest 1 BTC your return of investment is 5 BTC. this is not luck , you have work for it.

I recommended INS Eco system now. WaBi ICO now over. when hit exchanges you can grab it.

Good lUCK


  1. You have a good point here!I totally agree with what you have said!!Thanks for sharing your views...hope more people will read this article!!! Cryptocurrency News

  2. My biggest profits have come by talking to mentors, and doing lots of due diligence. Most people have not heard about cryptos, and even know what it is, so just wait till it goes mainstream. Big things are coming, and I can hardly contain myself at times. I am also investing in other icos and i check ICO rating on icopulse website.


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