Saturday, December 2, 2017

How to be a Crypto Millioner

Most asked question in Crypto World, Answer here

If you need to be Crypto millioner Here the investment advice. If you have 1000$ or 10000 $ , here is the Portfolio Strategy.

Please do not panic.
  • 50% BTC
  • 25% ALT Coin
  • 25% ICO

this the Best Strategy you need, BTC always going to be moon so you have invest your 50% to that. then you have invest 25% alt coins. I will recommended alt coins

  • LTC
  • Powr
  • DASH
  • ETH Blue
  • WaBi (Coming Soon)

other 25% you must invest in ICO. This is a smart way to be crypto millioner. but research about it. some time you invest 1 BTC your return of investment is 5 BTC. this is not luck , you have work for it.

I recommended INS Eco system now. WaBi ICO now over. when hit exchanges you can grab it.

Good lUCK

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