INS Eco system ICO

Today i am going to describe about INS Eco System ICO,  This ICO coming from Russia. This will be a hingly potential project with great team. Now I describe who are in the advisory board. 

Mr EYAL Hertzog

He was Bancor’s co founder , chief architect as well as head of the development. He is well developed entrepreneur. He also founder of Metacafe and contact networks.

Mr Michael Terpin

He is co founder and chairmen of bitangles , a digital currency investor group. He also CEO of the Transform group.

Mr Moe Levin

CEO of keynote , he also executive committee member at the global blockchain council.

Mr David Wachsman

David is the founder of wachsman PR, its world largest PR agency.

And there are number of professional advisors to contribute this project. DR Rawi abdelal , Dmitry Filatov , Prabhakar Reddy ,Sebastian Stupurac also.

The most interesting thing that investors need to know, INS system affiliated with giant partners like

  • ·VINCI

Ins System basically runs with smart contracts. INS system links with manufacturing organizations, super markets, Groceries. Through the Smart Contracts Consumers can buy products at lower prices. Suppliers are in the pool so through the smart contracts automatically buyer meets the lowest price and executed the transaction.

As per the Definition ICO Officials

“”INS Creates the leading Decentralized consumer market used by broad audiences by maintaining a thriving eco system of consumers willing to buy everyday products at lower prices and suppliers looking to sell directly and surpass the intermediaries. The INS team develops an open source technology required for running the decentralized INS eco system and create model to incentivize all participants””.  

Here the Most advantages is no intermediaries so lower cost always lower cost.

2017 2nd Quarter – INS Concept has born

 2017 3rd Quarter – INS get supported with best suppliers (Uniliver , Mars,Reckitt Banckiser Etc

2017 4th Quarter- INS going to introduced the ICO and Invite the public to contribute the project.

2018 1st Quarter- Development of INS System to the next level

2018 2nd Quarter - Development of the APPS, and Interfaces.

2018 3rd quarter – Development of the supplier SDK

2018 4th Quarter  - Launch of the product

This INS system has clear road map you can see the quarter wise how they going to implement and perform the Product.
At a glance Global grocery size going to massive like 8.5 trillion sales.  Millions of the customers not going to purchase directly , always there is an intermediate. After INS implemented no Intermediate you can buy from the manufactures.
INS will enable manufactures to provide highly efficient direct rewards to consumers with INS tokens.

Now going to describe the Token sale

Start 27th 2017

ICO target is 100000 ETH, I fyou willing to contribute by ETH,btc,ltc , you have to myetherwallet address to receive tokens, Don’t give Exchange centers address your tokens will be lost forever.
Soft cap going to be 30,000 ETH
For 1 ETH – 300 INS you can get
From these Crypto currencies you can contribute

1.     BTC
2.     ETH
3.     LTC
4.     DASH
Bank transfers also accepted.
Token Allocation below Mentioned
60% - Token Sale Contributers
15% - Team
5 % - Advisors
20%- Reserve Fund

Again I am saying that this will be massive project.  You can  also get the comprehensive idea from the white paper. Here the Link of the white paper

Compare to retail business you can get the most advantages from INS System

Those criteria’s in INS Eco system perfect manner. In retail business it’s very poor manner.

  You can contribute the ICO with INS Website here the LINK    Click Here
Contribute by LTC, BTC, ETH and bank transfers also.

You can get latest updates from the twitter and telegram channels you please subscribe to these channels and get more information.

Don’t Delay for the Investment, Contribute this project, Massive return in your investment. You can take part of the great potential project also. Good Luck  


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