Ethereum Blue - Smart contract Project

Ethereum Blue

Basically from the Ethereum Blue issue solving activities doing. This is massive project highly proven project. October 19th the Trade opens in Etherdelta decentralized exchange center. Listed on the coinmarketcap.

Ethereum Blue smart contract based project. Smart contract is its automatically execute the buys sellers actions without a middle person or thing.

Static analysis means that we can automatically read and interperet source code. We can look for common programming mistakes, as well as deliberate hoaxes embedded in to smart contracts. On top of this, we are building a centralized repository of addresses with the intent of blacklisting corrupt token founders, poorly-written smart contracts, and the like

I will describe the team behind the this potential project

Uni Banker
Engineering and administration

Mr frankilin
Design and Advisory

Backend and solidity engineering

Advisory and administration

Mrs Green
Community advisor

This team is well experienced and educated , so their contribution is big to success the project.

For the more information , you can see the white paper. White paper is technical paper thatb will tell the project how works.

in this , you can see how Ethereum Blue going to be work. What are the key factors, whats the risk , whats the Return of the investment

I recommended this project because since the coin release its only has growth. You can view it from the

There is ongoing bounty campaign is also there, you can promote this project earn coins.

As per the Road Map of Etherblue

Oct 10-21- Trading on Etherdelta , Listed in Coinmarket cap

Oct 23- Nov 13-  Bounties begin and bounties end

Oct 28 – White paper release

Oct 30 – Donations Close

November – Mojoe exchanges going to list ( Bittrex, Poloniex may be)

Q4- 2017 – blue security standered published for blockchain developers

Q1- 2018 – Web based secured token wallet launch/ Mobile wallet IOS and also android

Q2-2018- Development Begins on malicious smart contract detection algorithm

Q3- 2018 – ER20 malicious detection algorithm deployed for defensive token transfer on blue wallets

Q4 2018- Blue security SDK available for blockchain developers

Q1- 2019 - First annual Ethereiumblue developers conference

Here I brought how road map works, from the road map we can forecast this will be very potential project.

You can communicate with developers about the project by

In the crypto world, lot of transactions happened ,  most of the time  loop holes can be happen in transactions. Ethereumblue is there to reduce the risk of cryptocurrency transactions.

There is wide range of Frauds, risk related to transactions. This is mainly happened due to the no inter person there. These treats can be minimizing using a smart contract system; etherumblue is developing that kind of solution project.

I will describe how bouty programme works.

You can do either Facebook or twitter campaign. Before the campaign you should have the good followers in the facebook or twitter.  You have to spread the message of the how ethe blue works.

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