whats Airdrop and Bounty campaign

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Today i am going to discussed about the most popular topic airdrop and bounty campaign. In crypto currency world , Some investors dont have fund invest specially the guys and girls between 15- 22 years , they dont have money. but the coin campaign issue free coins to people its called airdrop. but they give the tokens for in return something from you.

The duties you have to do 

1. Share Posts On Facebook
2. Re tweet tweet Posts
3. Keep a post on bitcointalk forum
4. telegram app

mostly you have to this activities to earn free coins. before doing this you have consider these things

Facebook Account with 500 friends
Twitter Accounts with 1000 followers
Bitcointalk forum profile junior member (Newbie is also suitable)
My Ethererium Wallet (MEW) 

MEW is most important , most are sending to MEW wallet , ERC 20 Token compatible wallet.
first you sign up with telegram app and join with free airdrop alert system. 
They will send new airdrops to the mobile. they quickly you have to complete the airdrop google form.

They normally asks 

  • whats your telegram ID
  • Whats your twitter ID
  • Whats your Bitcointalk id
  • whats your email

so please ready with this,  i will give you advice , if you need to do airdrop quickly , you type answers in a notepad then you can paste it quickly.

i made 5000$ using airdrop., but this is not easy thing.

Airdrop/bounty/free coins/free money


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