Tuesday, October 24, 2017

what is poloniex exchange

Poloniex is a Centralized Exchange.  i will describe how to use Poloniex digital exchange and how to trade with this.

there are two main exchanges one is Poloniex and other one is bittrex exchange. I first work with Poloniex exchange , its easy and nice Graphical user interface is there.

In the Poloniex first you register as normal conditions. But if you need to withdraw 25000$ equivalent USD you have to do the special Verification. As you do in the CEX . io.

First thing you have  PUT the TWO FACTOR AUTHENTICATION , first you have to download Google Authenticate app to the mobile they will issue a dedicated code to the Poloniex exchange.

I just mentioned because your funds are double safe from that, hackers not allowed to enter with the numbers.

After you get the BTC from the CEX . io  you can send to the Poloniex exchange center and get the ALT coins. ALT means Alternative coins. Remember when you sending your bitcoins to poloniex you should send to the BTC recieving address. If you send BTC to the ETH receiving address , you loose your whole BTC. Keep in mind those.

After coming to Poloniex wallets your BTC, you can get the alts by analyzing the charts. please be aware that dont keep your coins so much time in Poloniex exchnage centers , you must send to wallets.


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