What is Initial coin offerings-ICO

Initial Coin Offering – ICO

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Most of the crypto currency investors investing on this, yes but new persons don’t know what the meaning of the ICO’s.
ICO is the best way to get the profit, I will get a example Stratis ICO price was 0.007$ , now the coin is 8$
If you invest 100$ - 100$/.007$= 14285 coins  In ICO
Now = 8$ * 14285 = 114285 $

Yes that’s the unbelievable thing, when you invest in ICO you can get bulk profits after 1 year or less. But keep in mind all the ICO’s not increase some are decrease also. You can view from ICO STATS. Com how much ROI since it release.

Basically I will describe What’s ICO, There are lot of upcoming Crypto currency projects there so the Projects needed Funds , individual person can’t bear that much of capital so the team give invitation to  crowd sale to invest in the project.

In the return of investing we can get the tokens, same as shares in the share market.

What things we should consider when Investing ICO’s

-Team Members
We have to see what qualifications and experience on the industries and back grounds. Refer CEO Vision , Other Teams
-White Paper
This is the most important one, this the technical paper we can see how viable this Crypto project in the future.
-Bit Coin Forum
You log to bit coin forum and Talk with Members about the project.  If you get the views from the Top ten , then your Prediction may be right 99%
-Do your own research on the application viability.
Note that some ICO’s are scam they invite the public to invest and disappear.

Most ICO come in Etherum Platform means ERC 20 Tokens , so I will Tell how to but ERC tokens Using Myetherwallet.
If you need to contribute ICO’s , There are Only few Crypto coins supported for it. In Most cases BTC , ETH and LTC using for the crowd sale in Initial Coin offerings.
Note it , If you contribute the ICO’s you will get the Tokens. For the Token Receiving purpose You must give ** ERC token Receiving Wallet not the Crypto currency exchange Address**

If you give the exchange center address you will lose the tokens and money you invested. ICO’s website also it clearly mentioned.
If you invest in Potential ICO , Your ICO 10X or 1000X when hit the exchanges.

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