what is BIT Coin and who control BTC

What is bit coin and Cryptocurrency trading?

In 2008 first bit coin has implemented, in those days bit coin worth .80$. Now (2017.10.17) one BTC arisen to 5800$. Now you can imagine how far it went. Bit coin is simply digital currency and no one can touch. It’s on digital world only. BIT coin is the main currency same as dollars in real world. BIT coin we refer when trading as "BTC" .

ALT coin is supporting coins for the BTC, IF you need to buy ALT Coins you definitely need to buy the BTC then convert to ALT Coins. There are lots of exchanges to convert to BTC to ALT Coins.
As an example

In 2010 0.05$ Per Bit coin .  if you got BTC those days  for 100$  100$/.05$ = 2000 BTC
Now BTC = 5800$ so return on investment is 5800*2000=11Mn USD 

Yes its shocking , I am always thinking  about it. So these BTC are Divided in to three categories
  • 1 Satoshi = 0.00000001
  • 1 Micro BTC =0.000001
  • 1 Mili Bitcoin =.001BTC

Satoshi is the who implemented the BTC , for the gratitude we call Satoshi.  In current terms we are unable to but one BTC so we can buy 1 Micro BTC or Mili Bit coin. I will describe in other chapters about MR Satoshi Bio Graph y.

Other Question is Who control the BTC market.  The answer is no body control the BTC. It’s Peer to peer Currency. Its depends on the Demand. No government or Central Bank Interfere the Currency. So it’s volatile between Peer to peer.

So you are not too late, this is best investment  in the history and for the future.

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