whats is airdrop and Bounty campaign Part 2

In last post we discussed about mainly the airdrop, Airdrop is Coin owner company issue free coins. there are certain things you should have

  • Twitter ID 
  • Bitcointalk ID
  • Telegram
  • Facebook

These social IDs with real followers needed. Today i am going to talk about Bounty programme.
Bounty programme is similar as Airdrop. But the difference is you have to do some tasks to get free coins. But here you can get lot of coins because you are actively participating to promote ICO,Exchange,Pre Initial coin offering sale so on.

Like the Airdrop you must have 500 Real Followers twitter account, 500 real friends Facebook, Junior member Bitcointalk profile ( Newbie also fair).

In twitter Campaigns you have to read Bounty rules first , in most cases you have these rules

  • Re-tweet Every post published
  • Tweet a message contain hash tag of Coinname
  • you have actively participate

in here the main thing you have submit the participation form , in that give accurate details otherwise you missed the particular bounty coins.

In Facebook Bounty campaign also same rules applied,

  • Share the Post
  • like the post
  • Comment 

In the comment section you have to submit very constructive comment , not Hi , i like it.
Very constructive comment needed to get the Crypto bounties.

In Alt coins Bounty programmes , 50% bounty allocation for Facebook and Twitter campaign.

If you have Junior Member profile in Bitcointalk , better to participate signature campaign , you can double your reward. Its just a easy task. you just need to add image of the Crypto coin to the Signature bar. The images are provided by the Alternative ICO own companies.

normally i do these bounty programmes 500-2300$ my earnings

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