Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Send BTC (BIT coin) to wallet

Send BTC (BIT coin) to wallet

Wallet is in simple terms “in our day to day activities like a purse”.  In Crypto currency also wallet is there , Wallet is the secure way to keep coins for a longer time. As an example if you need to keep bit coin for 4 years, definitely you have keep in the wallet. 
There are hot wallet and cold wallet there, I will describe those wallets in next chapters.
Now you know how to Use CEX. Io and Now you have BTC. If you don’t know how to GET Bit coin Refer Previous Chapters.

Now it’s time to send Your BTC to wallet or Exchange Centers depending on your Purpose. If you willing to get ALT Coins or day trading Activities transfer the BTC balance to Exchange Centers like Poloniex/Bittrex/Binance Etc.
If you need to keep it in a wallet send it to wallet.

 For both purpose you have to withdraw the BTC , First you go  withdraw Tab near to Deposit Tab , I think you can remember.
In the Red Arrow Shows what amount of BTC you are willing to send to wallets or exchanges.

In the green arrow shows the most important one  “Wallet Address/ Receiving Address”.
** If you put wrong address you lose you btc

 double cross check the BTC address before posting it. Another question arises,
Where can I Find the Receiving wallet address?
Answer is , If you say you are in coin base wallet , Red arrow shows the Wallet Address(Receiving Address) you copy and paste in Cex . io Withdrawal bar shows above (Green Arrow).


 Please Double Check Before to Paste in the withdrawal Section.
Then withdraw your BTC from cex , within 10 min to 30 Min you will receive it your coin base wallet or Poloniex , bittrex exchange center.

Good Luck

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