How to Register with CEX and Get BTC

How to Register with CEX and Get BTC

In this Chapter I am bring about how to Register with CEX . io and get the BTC and Transfer to Wallet.(withdrawal Process)
First of all you have to reach the CEX . io from the Google , you can see this type of window.

Then you click the Register Button, Here Registration process take longer time and Very Strict.  Most of the time up to 3 weeks takes the time to finalize whole registration process.

 In this normally you have enter your email and Password.  Specially keep in mind that email and Password please keep in a safe place to remind.

After the Email Process, you have get this upper window, in my arrow indicates that we have to add the Debit or credit Card.
In here please Consider, Double warning I am giving, Please Upload Clear and Super quality Selfie otherwise they don’t accept. Please use apple iPhone camera or Digital Camera with 6 Mega Pixel.
  When address Verification you should upload electricity bill payment or Bank statement so they can verify the address.

After 3 weeks you get the fully verified account. The benefits of fully verified account are you can withdraw more USD and You can buy more BTC. Apart from the BTC you can BUY ETH,DASH,LTC also. I will describe DASH,LTC,ETH too.

After 3 Weeks you will get Email like this, so you are completed with the CEX. So now you are going to deposit FIAT (USD) to CEX.

First you go the Deposit Tab, then you select your verified Card then , enter the amount of USD to invest.

After the purchase of USD It shows in the usd Section, red arrow shows it. Then the Main thing is going to happen. You have to get the BTC.

In the Green Arrow I showed you the Trade bar , in that we can get BTC. Below Image shows that Trade window , in that you have to scroll down and find the market tab , shows as per the down image.

As per the Brown arrow you can see the Market Tab, Click it and Move to USD to spend, as per green arrow. As an example if you have 1000usd please put the 1000 USD , then you can see for 1000 USD how much BTC can buy. Then you have to click the BUY now Button.

In there , as per the Brown arrow shows BTC will be Visible there. In the next lesson I will tell you how to transfer the BTC to wallets or Exchange Centers.

Good luck.

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