How to buy BTC –bit coin

How to buy BTC –bitcoin

In first article we were talking about what’s the BIT coin and who control the BTC. Today I am tell about how we are going to buy BTC.  There are two methods we can get BIT coin, one is Get from the websites and other one is bit coin mining.

Today I am going to talk about 1st option that BTC buy via Websites.   There also two Options there one is you can get BTC from a friend ( This is cheapest ) and other one is BIT coin selling sites.
If you are getting from a friend who has BTC its cheap because no service fees there, but scam people there be aware of that. In social media like Facebook there are groups who are selling BTC but the problem is Risk is there.

The main thing I am going to tell , Getting BTC from the Websites.  First you have Credit Card or International Debit Card.  The websites the Services supplied are
  • v  CEX . io
  • v  Coinmama
  • v  Coinbase

I highly recommended the CEX . io because the fees are very low compare to other sites.  I will describe by step by how to register. In the Next 3 Chapter I will describe with Pictures

After Registered and then we have keep the BTC in a wallet or we can exchange with other coins that can be done through the Cryptocurrency exchanges platforms. I will describe more in details in the Next chapters.

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