Saturday, December 2, 2017

How to be a Crypto Millioner

Most asked question in Crypto World, Answer here

If you need to be Crypto millioner Here the investment advice. If you have 1000$ or 10000 $ , here is the Portfolio Strategy.

Please do not panic.
  • 50% BTC
  • 25% ALT Coin
  • 25% ICO

this the Best Strategy you need, BTC always going to be moon so you have invest your 50% to that. then you have invest 25% alt coins. I will recommended alt coins

  • LTC
  • Powr
  • DASH
  • ETH Blue
  • WaBi (Coming Soon)

other 25% you must invest in ICO. This is a smart way to be crypto millioner. but research about it. some time you invest 1 BTC your return of investment is 5 BTC. this is not luck , you have work for it.

I recommended INS Eco system now. WaBi ICO now over. when hit exchanges you can grab it.

Good lUCK

Do you need to Win 1000 ETH From Smart billions ICO

this is is the Largest Lottery programme in Blockchain Technolodgy.

I have put 1 Eth and received 200ETH. Thats the luck means. But before investing please do your own research.

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Road map

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Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Cybermiles Next Generation of the Smart Contract

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Cybermils is the next generation of the Ethererium technology. Ethererium Normally based on smart contract. Cybermils is smart business contract based platform that’s the new era of Smart contact.

Blockchain technology suffers from the low speed, low efficiency  and also low developer productivity.

This Cybermiles speciafically concern about the E commerce applications. Over 1$ trillion applications around the world so this cybermiles give the best help to effienence these trnactions.
I will tell you how it works Cybermiles in normal words. In the ETH technology smart contract is there, smart contact is that buyer and seller meets automatically without any inter person. If you need to buy something in the market place, you enter the details then smart contract automatically matches your needs with a seller. Then automatically the deal happens without a inter person. This is called smart contract.

From the cyber miles, new blockchain project gives more value to online market place and speed also efficiency.

For more details about the project you should read more about the white paper. Here is the link

Now I am going to describe about the team behind the massive mroject

Dr lacas lu

CEO & Founder

He is the Founder of Cyber miles and its on 2014. Lucas has PhD from the pratical science stream.  He has extensive experience about the trade.  His last employemets were  General manager of Alibaba.

Dr Michael yuan

He has extensive experience in the software development , participated in firefox , fedora and other world famous projects. He is actively involving this project. He has great knowledge of mobile developments also.

Alex Lau

Mr alex also have extensive experience and also have software computer science degree from university  of north Texas. His employments were Research and development manager for SUSE linux in Beijing. And for the cyber mile he is blockchain consultant.

Mr George Chen

He is CMO for the Cybermil project and he has extensive experience in the digital marketing also. He was principal engineer for a company in google also. He has Master Degree also.

You can visit company website and review their team in more details. Click Here

You should know that 5 miles have big companies like Ernst& young , Deloitee , King&wood mallesons , Locke lord.
Ernst and young is from the big 4 audit companies if they are giving consultation to this project. Actively this is a great project.

There are certain consulting advisers there , there profile I am going to describe you briefly. You can visit LinkedIn profiles and see how their career life
  1. Amanda Bush – Advisor 5 miles ( Graduated from univertity TAxas)
  2. Malachi Boyuls – Advisor 5 miles  (Graduated from new york university)
  3. Frank lee – Advisor 5 miles  (Graduated from Tsinghua University)
  4. Mark Brinkerhoffn – advisor and commucation strategist.

I think you got impression about the value about the project. Now I am going to describe about the road map of the project. In the roadmap we can see how this project works in future and , how performed in past.
·         April 2014 – 5 Miles LLC Established.
·         June 2015 – Received 5 Million USD from Investment
·         Oct 2014 – App testing begun
·         Jan 2015 – 5 Mile app launch in United states.
·         Jun 2015 – Received 17 million USD investment
·         Nov 2015 – Commencement of the user verification and fraud detection technology.
·         Jan 2016 – Received 30million USD Investment
·         Jan 2017 – gain 11 million users and become top 10 app in US. First step to blockchain tech
·         June 2017 – 10Miilion USD investment
·         Aug 2017 – Formally started the smart contract  block chain tech
·         Oct 2017- Issue and Crowd funding
·         June 2018 – 5 Mile app going to accept CMT tokens
·         Dec 2018 – 5xlab lauch oif new verson of the app
·         Mar 2019 – Cm modules available on other platforms.

From this road map we can see the future of the project. Investors can easily invest on this project.

If you going to invest in the cybermile project , this is brief of the token procedure
PRE ICO ends on November 21 2017.  you can visit this website and register first then you can contribute by ETH.
Then you get a question how much CMT Tokens weget for 1 ETH
Equation is
1 ETH = 7000 CMT
If you have questions regarding the token sale email to

 News Coverage Videos here


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Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Ethereum Blue - Smart contract Project

Ethereum Blue

Basically from the Ethereum Blue issue solving activities doing. This is massive project highly proven project. October 19th the Trade opens in Etherdelta decentralized exchange center. Listed on the coinmarketcap.

Ethereum Blue smart contract based project. Smart contract is its automatically execute the buys sellers actions without a middle person or thing.

Static analysis means that we can automatically read and interperet source code. We can look for common programming mistakes, as well as deliberate hoaxes embedded in to smart contracts. On top of this, we are building a centralized repository of addresses with the intent of blacklisting corrupt token founders, poorly-written smart contracts, and the like

I will describe the team behind the this potential project

Uni Banker
Engineering and administration

Mr frankilin
Design and Advisory

Backend and solidity engineering

Advisory and administration

Mrs Green
Community advisor

This team is well experienced and educated , so their contribution is big to success the project.

For the more information , you can see the white paper. White paper is technical paper thatb will tell the project how works.

in this , you can see how Ethereum Blue going to be work. What are the key factors, whats the risk , whats the Return of the investment

I recommended this project because since the coin release its only has growth. You can view it from the

There is ongoing bounty campaign is also there, you can promote this project earn coins.

As per the Road Map of Etherblue

Oct 10-21- Trading on Etherdelta , Listed in Coinmarket cap

Oct 23- Nov 13-  Bounties begin and bounties end

Oct 28 – White paper release

Oct 30 – Donations Close

November – Mojoe exchanges going to list ( Bittrex, Poloniex may be)

Q4- 2017 – blue security standered published for blockchain developers

Q1- 2018 – Web based secured token wallet launch/ Mobile wallet IOS and also android

Q2-2018- Development Begins on malicious smart contract detection algorithm

Q3- 2018 – ER20 malicious detection algorithm deployed for defensive token transfer on blue wallets

Q4 2018- Blue security SDK available for blockchain developers

Q1- 2019 - First annual Ethereiumblue developers conference

Here I brought how road map works, from the road map we can forecast this will be very potential project.

You can communicate with developers about the project by

In the crypto world, lot of transactions happened ,  most of the time  loop holes can be happen in transactions. Ethereumblue is there to reduce the risk of cryptocurrency transactions.

There is wide range of Frauds, risk related to transactions. This is mainly happened due to the no inter person there. These treats can be minimizing using a smart contract system; etherumblue is developing that kind of solution project.

I will describe how bouty programme works.

You can do either Facebook or twitter campaign. Before the campaign you should have the good followers in the facebook or twitter.  You have to spread the message of the how ethe blue works.

Sunday, November 5, 2017


Today i am going to tell you about EPSILON ICO 

EPSILON is smart contract based Project. The main goal of this project is to furnish the problems of the customers quickly.  Executes orders and receives certain rewards also.

Here the Smart contracts applied; automatically customers get the solutions for the questions. Its cost effective and time less actions.  Epsilon gives the best service for it, solving problems using block chain technology.

In the Epslion platform customers can easily handle the questions. This project will be very massive in the future.

Then I will describe who are the team behind the Epsilon project.

Mr alex Mediani
(Founder of Epsilon)

Miss Zhanna Hmelevsky
Employed Brand Manager

Mr Alexey Kopetskyy
CEO-Co founder

Here are three major profiles you can search on LinkedIn. You can there qualifications and experience on the Linkdien.

For more reference on on the project you can visit

Epsilon website, you can brodly can get information.

White paper is the most important for investers, its called as technical papers. Its better to read whole document. It’s a PDF.


Saturday, November 4, 2017

INS Eco system ICO

Today i am going to describe about INS Eco System ICO,  This ICO coming from Russia. This will be a hingly potential project with great team. Now I describe who are in the advisory board. 

Mr EYAL Hertzog

He was Bancor’s co founder , chief architect as well as head of the development. He is well developed entrepreneur. He also founder of Metacafe and contact networks.

Mr Michael Terpin

He is co founder and chairmen of bitangles , a digital currency investor group. He also CEO of the Transform group.

Mr Moe Levin

CEO of keynote , he also executive committee member at the global blockchain council.

Mr David Wachsman

David is the founder of wachsman PR, its world largest PR agency.

And there are number of professional advisors to contribute this project. DR Rawi abdelal , Dmitry Filatov , Prabhakar Reddy ,Sebastian Stupurac also.

The most interesting thing that investors need to know, INS system affiliated with giant partners like

  • ·VINCI

Ins System basically runs with smart contracts. INS system links with manufacturing organizations, super markets, Groceries. Through the Smart Contracts Consumers can buy products at lower prices. Suppliers are in the pool so through the smart contracts automatically buyer meets the lowest price and executed the transaction.

As per the Definition ICO Officials

“”INS Creates the leading Decentralized consumer market used by broad audiences by maintaining a thriving eco system of consumers willing to buy everyday products at lower prices and suppliers looking to sell directly and surpass the intermediaries. The INS team develops an open source technology required for running the decentralized INS eco system and create model to incentivize all participants””.  

Here the Most advantages is no intermediaries so lower cost always lower cost.

2017 2nd Quarter – INS Concept has born

 2017 3rd Quarter – INS get supported with best suppliers (Uniliver , Mars,Reckitt Banckiser Etc

2017 4th Quarter- INS going to introduced the ICO and Invite the public to contribute the project.

2018 1st Quarter- Development of INS System to the next level

2018 2nd Quarter - Development of the APPS, and Interfaces.

2018 3rd quarter – Development of the supplier SDK

2018 4th Quarter  - Launch of the product

This INS system has clear road map you can see the quarter wise how they going to implement and perform the Product.
At a glance Global grocery size going to massive like 8.5 trillion sales.  Millions of the customers not going to purchase directly , always there is an intermediate. After INS implemented no Intermediate you can buy from the manufactures.
INS will enable manufactures to provide highly efficient direct rewards to consumers with INS tokens.

Now going to describe the Token sale

Start 27th 2017

ICO target is 100000 ETH, I fyou willing to contribute by ETH,btc,ltc , you have to myetherwallet address to receive tokens, Don’t give Exchange centers address your tokens will be lost forever.
Soft cap going to be 30,000 ETH
For 1 ETH – 300 INS you can get
From these Crypto currencies you can contribute

1.     BTC
2.     ETH
3.     LTC
4.     DASH
Bank transfers also accepted.
Token Allocation below Mentioned
60% - Token Sale Contributers
15% - Team
5 % - Advisors
20%- Reserve Fund

Again I am saying that this will be massive project.  You can  also get the comprehensive idea from the white paper. Here the Link of the white paper

Compare to retail business you can get the most advantages from INS System

Those criteria’s in INS Eco system perfect manner. In retail business it’s very poor manner.

  You can contribute the ICO with INS Website here the LINK    Click Here
Contribute by LTC, BTC, ETH and bank transfers also.

You can get latest updates from the twitter and telegram channels you please subscribe to these channels and get more information.

Don’t Delay for the Investment, Contribute this project, Massive return in your investment. You can take part of the great potential project also. Good Luck  

Best ICO's to invest in November 2017

Best ICO's to invest in November 2017

In this article i am going to tell what ICO's ( Initial coin offerings you should invest in this November month.

  • SOMA Coin
  • BITIndia
  • Mercury Protocol
  • Wabi
  • Aphelion

These coins give high potential to the investment. but please do your own research, also

I furnish these Initial coin offerings because it has its own unique concepts.

Most of the ICO's Etherium Based projects, simple as Smart contracts. So you have to contribute by ETH for these projects. Simply you create myetherwallet and give myetherwallet address then you can get the tokens to the myetherwallet.

This ICO's Best investments for the november 2017.

Best ICO's to invest in November 2017

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

buy bitcoins with creditcard no verification

buy bitcoins with creditcard no verification 

Buy bitcoin with creditcard the topic , i am going to describe today. Mainly the bitcoin purchase options. Yes you can buy bitcoin with credit card. but the thing is you have to register with bitcoin selling websites.but in cex you have to verify the creditcard before it used.

You can purchase bitcoin(BTC) from undermentioned websites

  • Coinbase
  • Cex. io
  • Coinmama

These websites are the most popular for buy bitcoin with credit cards. Some people asking bitcoin can purchase by the debit card. Some banks give authorization to do online transaction via debit card some are not. In our country they dont allow to buy bitcoins with debit cards. 

First of all you have register with CEX . io then submit your credit  card details , take time up to three to verify your cards. then you can buy btc via creditcard.

some people asking can buy bitcoin via paypalbitcoin  , i am doing research about it. still no facility to buy bitcoin through paypal.

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

whats the best wallet to keep bitcoin

This is the main topic in the crypto world , if a invester but eth, btc, bch or any alt coin where should i keep this, whats the safest wallets

There are three main categories in wallets

  • 1. Online wallets
  • 2.Desktop wallets
  • 3.Cold wallets

Apparently cold wallet is the safest way to secure bitcoins and other alt coins. but the ledger nano is very expensive. but if you have more btc then definitely you need the ledger nano. you can synchronize it and store in the ledger nano. In case if you lost , from the back up you can restore.

Online wallets

This one is most popular but i do not recommended it. Your valuable investments (bitcoin,etherium,Alt coins) can be lost due hack by hackers. If your private key lost or steal you unable to recover. if some one get to know the private key he has access to the account. But if you trade daily or monthly basis definitely you have use it otherwise you cant deal very quickly. when using myetherwallet you have to keep your private key in a safe place.
i will describe you about myetherwallet in next chapters.

Compare to other wallets this myetherwallet is safe. because you have the private key. 

in the online wallets , (ex - coinbase)  they have the private key so if a hacker or unathorized people can get private key and enter the wallet. but this not happen if the wallets are fully security. but now bittrex and poloniex use latest technology to secure the wallet. 

Desktop wallet

its a desktop software , it also like cold wallet no one can acess , but if you need to do day trading its impossible to do.if your computer got black or hardware got corrupted then the data will be lost. but can recover

If you have large amount of bitcoin you keep ledger NANO

Monday, October 30, 2017

whats is airdrop and Bounty campaign Part 2

In last post we discussed about mainly the airdrop, Airdrop is Coin owner company issue free coins. there are certain things you should have

  • Twitter ID 
  • Bitcointalk ID
  • Telegram
  • Facebook

These social IDs with real followers needed. Today i am going to talk about Bounty programme.
Bounty programme is similar as Airdrop. But the difference is you have to do some tasks to get free coins. But here you can get lot of coins because you are actively participating to promote ICO,Exchange,Pre Initial coin offering sale so on.

Like the Airdrop you must have 500 Real Followers twitter account, 500 real friends Facebook, Junior member Bitcointalk profile ( Newbie also fair).

In twitter Campaigns you have to read Bounty rules first , in most cases you have these rules

  • Re-tweet Every post published
  • Tweet a message contain hash tag of Coinname
  • you have actively participate

in here the main thing you have submit the participation form , in that give accurate details otherwise you missed the particular bounty coins.

In Facebook Bounty campaign also same rules applied,

  • Share the Post
  • like the post
  • Comment 

In the comment section you have to submit very constructive comment , not Hi , i like it.
Very constructive comment needed to get the Crypto bounties.

In Alt coins Bounty programmes , 50% bounty allocation for Facebook and Twitter campaign.

If you have Junior Member profile in Bitcointalk , better to participate signature campaign , you can double your reward. Its just a easy task. you just need to add image of the Crypto coin to the Signature bar. The images are provided by the Alternative ICO own companies.

normally i do these bounty programmes 500-2300$ my earnings

Saturday, October 28, 2017

whats Airdrop and Bounty campaign

Source-fs . bitcoinmagazineb . com

Today i am going to discussed about the most popular topic airdrop and bounty campaign. In crypto currency world , Some investors dont have fund invest specially the guys and girls between 15- 22 years , they dont have money. but the coin campaign issue free coins to people its called airdrop. but they give the tokens for in return something from you.

The duties you have to do 

1. Share Posts On Facebook
2. Re tweet tweet Posts
3. Keep a post on bitcointalk forum
4. telegram app

mostly you have to this activities to earn free coins. before doing this you have consider these things

Facebook Account with 500 friends
Twitter Accounts with 1000 followers
Bitcointalk forum profile junior member (Newbie is also suitable)
My Ethererium Wallet (MEW) 

MEW is most important , most are sending to MEW wallet , ERC 20 Token compatible wallet.
first you sign up with telegram app and join with free airdrop alert system. 
They will send new airdrops to the mobile. they quickly you have to complete the airdrop google form.

They normally asks 

  • whats your telegram ID
  • Whats your twitter ID
  • Whats your Bitcointalk id
  • whats your email

so please ready with this,  i will give you advice , if you need to do airdrop quickly , you type answers in a notepad then you can paste it quickly.

i made 5000$ using airdrop., but this is not easy thing.

Airdrop/bounty/free coins/free money

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Bitcoin going accept by amazon

All the bitcoin users , going to be massive news. Most news says that amazon going to be accept bitcoin as a payment method.
If they accept bitcoin as payment method , definitly the price snd demand will be high. Microsoft And google supporting alt coins also.

Amazon is the most popular online shopping site, they are more popular in western countries.

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

what is poloniex exchange

Poloniex is a Centralized Exchange.  i will describe how to use Poloniex digital exchange and how to trade with this.

there are two main exchanges one is Poloniex and other one is bittrex exchange. I first work with Poloniex exchange , its easy and nice Graphical user interface is there.

In the Poloniex first you register as normal conditions. But if you need to withdraw 25000$ equivalent USD you have to do the special Verification. As you do in the CEX . io.

First thing you have  PUT the TWO FACTOR AUTHENTICATION , first you have to download Google Authenticate app to the mobile they will issue a dedicated code to the Poloniex exchange.

I just mentioned because your funds are double safe from that, hackers not allowed to enter with the numbers.

After you get the BTC from the CEX . io  you can send to the Poloniex exchange center and get the ALT coins. ALT means Alternative coins. Remember when you sending your bitcoins to poloniex you should send to the BTC recieving address. If you send BTC to the ETH receiving address , you loose your whole BTC. Keep in mind those.

After coming to Poloniex wallets your BTC, you can get the alts by analyzing the charts. please be aware that dont keep your coins so much time in Poloniex exchnage centers , you must send to wallets.

Sunday, October 22, 2017

Bitcoin Gold

This is express Post, Bitcoin gold officially added to Bittrex platform. If you have 1 bitcoin and then you can 1 bitgold. ratio  is 1:1.

25th October happened the BITGOLD .

How Bitcoin transaction happens

Bitcoin is a digital currency, Its already known as Peer to peer transaction currency. In the previous slides you got a idea about bitcoin,  

Lets say you want to send money to from france to America , then you go to the bank and say I want to send 1000$ to jack in America. The bank asks to give 1100$ , what is additional 100$ , that is the fees taken by the central authority ( Bank) , but Bitcoin no central authority so the no transaction fee is there.
How bitcoin transaction works , now I am going describe. There are certain terms to clarify

What is open ledger?

Open ledger means that everyone can access the ledger and see the transactions. As per practical example , if you have a bank account in a bank , if you need to get a transaction list then you are person only can ask for it and entitle to obtain the information.  But if any other person go to the bank and  ask about the statement of your bank account they don’t release it. so its private ledger.
  BTC network is a open ledger , in normal terms , block chain is a open ledger.  So everyone can see  all transaction in the ledger ( Public open ledger).

What is block?

In bitcoin transactions block means , as per a practical example, if you send money  to a person called Jack in America. That transaction is called block.  If you send money to 100 people ,     100 blocks created. 

What is Open Distributed Ledger?

This means, if you do transactions with a person called jack. You transfer money to him and vice versa also. You both have the same ledgers , and its distributed. That’s the block chain.  You also have ledger and the jack also have the same ledger.

What are the miners in Bitcoin network?

Miners are the who validate the transactions in the BTC network.  In the real work every transaction we do through the bank, Bank validate the transactions.  So in the Blockchain network every transaction must be validate otherwise, transactions can be duplicate, scam transaction can be happen so validation duty done by miners.

Miners always update and validate the ledgers.