Whats the price prediction of bitcoin

This the viral topic now a days. Whats the bitcoin price in year end 2018. As we go previous growths
we can identify

2017 was 20000$ in the peak times. As per the community these are predctions


My prediction is 60,000$ ,  whats your prediction , comment ?

Gigtricks ICO- Empower the Freelancing

Today I am going to describe the Gig Tricks ICO. This is a Eco system to Freelancers and users.  This is  the First ICO that connect freelancers and users in friendly manner. I just bring bring this ICO , ITS already recommended by the Icobench.com by rating 4.5 ratings.You can see More details though their website , You can participate the Sale too.

You can go video Tutorial about this Great ICO,.

Now I am going to describe the Team Behind the Project. Its a great team.Team is the main thing of considering a project.

LinkedIn Profile - https://www.linkedin.com/in/amir-shaikh/

Mr Amir is the Chief Executive officer of the Project. He has lot experience of this Industry and its versatile. Currently he is planning manager for Reputed Dubai Company. His career was big path. you can see more details on his Linkdien Profile.

OMAIR LATIF - Co Founder and Chief Operating Officer
Linkdien Profile - https://www.linkedin.com/in/omair-latif-0019433/

Mr Omair also have Great extensive industrial experience this Freelancing and Human issues.Mr Omair giving good blood to this Project. you see more details on LinkedIn Profile.

SADIQ HAMEED - Co Founder and Chief Block chain Officer
Linkdien Profile - https://www.linkedin.com/in/sadiqhameed/

Mr Saqid Chief Technological officer for reputed company in Dubai. So he knows the Block chain Technology and he is the gear to this project. For more Details you can see the LinkedIn Profile

There is massive panel of Advisory team there. Those are very qualified and Experienced professionals. 

SIMON COCKING - https://www.linkedin.com/in/simon-cocking-20540135/

NATHAN CHRISTIAN - https://www.linkedin.com/in/nathan-c-90365414a/

DRS. E. (EDWIN) VAN DEN BERG - https://www.linkedin.com/in/edwin-van-den-berg-33665565

J. (JOPPE) SIKMA - https://www.linkedin.com/in/joppe-sikma-6ab637146/

LABIB FARAG LABIB - https://www.linkedin.com/in/labibfarag

Sale is LIVE , you can Participate https://ico.gigtricks.io/login

Road Map For the Gigtricks, In a road map we can Identify that are they archived the goals in the time Frame.

2016 - JUNE - The Idea Established

2017- JANUARY - Company formation

2017 - DECEMBER - Gig Tricks Market place formation

2018 - APRIL-MAY - Private Sale

2018 - JULY -  Pre Sale

2018 -  SEPTEMBER - Main Sale

2018 - Q4  - Exchange Listing

2019 - Q1 - Gig tricks Launching and Pro

2019 - Q2 - Gig Tricks POS and Social Lauch

2019 - Q3- Gig Tricks Local Representation Offices

2019 - Q4- Ongoing Improvements 

Very good Road map, they are according to the road map.

Projects Token Metrics 

Token Name - Gigbittoken
Max Supply - 1,000,000,000
Hard Cap 35Million USD
Soft Cap - 2.5Million USD
Unsold Tokens Destroyed.

Now i am going to tell you , their Massive partners.

Silicon Vally

Apparently this is unique idea , trust built between clients and freelancers. its merely Eco system. you can invest on this idea, i can recommended very well

List of Links you can joined

You can overview more in white paper   White Paper

Website - https://www.gigtricks.io/
Twitter - https://twitter.com/gigtricksglobal
Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/gigtricks/

Free Bitcoin mining

This video you can absoultly free bitcoin mining. its cloud based mining system.

Ziliqa alt coin Price prediction for the Year end

How Bitcoin works

Bitcoin new market circle coming soon

Bitcoin new market circle has arrived. you can watch from it. Bitcoin the best investment in current times. but the problem is it has its volatile.

When bitcoin grow up- Crypto currency

These days , we are in a red market still. whole crypto currency market crashed. Most panic and sell the portfolios.

This is market correction of whole crypto currency market. in other word, one market circle going to over. next one surely comes in august end.

As per my researches , next market circle will will circulate in next august ends. Bitcoin can be go below 4000$ even. Its better not go for Day trading. you will lose everything.

Its better hodl the portfolio.

AS per my researches best coins to invest

why bitcoin go down

whats this sudden rise in crypto market

After January everyone was asking when the bull market. now as per my understandings now time has arrived.

some called this is bull trap , i dont think this is bull trap. I have invested on ZIL. ZIL become more good in these days. But my recommendation is always do not put your all money to this crypto ,

put a reasonable amount of money to  different coins, not for one

Best coins to invest for the Year 2018

please do your own research, i am hodle these coins until this year ends

  • TRX,
  • ZIL,
  • REQ,
  • ETH,
  • ADA,
  • INS,
  • BLUE,
  • SENC

what ever happends , i will keep these coins in my wallet. i highly recommended to keep in ERC20 supported wallets. e.g myetherwallet

Why Crypto market down these days

Everyone asking this question and panic always.

Image result for cryptocurrency red day
Source - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xs1Cha1Hn24

I am always advising to you all, do not sell your portfolio for cheap price unless you have dead urgent.

From November to January there was a bull market and Green always. but now its red on the market. it always happens everyday we can not expect ups at every time. i will explain why the whole market red these days , the major reasons are BAN on advertisements.

First Crypto related ads ban on Facebook , all newbies and panic persons all sell their portfolios
recently google ban on ICO ads and Crypto related ads that's too bad for the Crypto world.

Another big bad news coming on Crypto market that's Twitter also going to ban Crypto currency related ads and ICO ads.

These actions are good for the Crypto currency world. they indirectly supporting the BITCOIN. they need to filter the scam projects and works with genuine interest projects.

Till the june ends please be patient , as per past analysis and technical analysis new market circles up coming.

These days absolutely happened the MARKET CORRECTIONS

Top 10 Alt coins to invest on 2018

Top 10 Alt coins to invest on 2018

I am going to tell you today that what coins you should invest before June this year of 2018. Mid may or start of june surely bull market will arisen. before it try to invest at 1000$ to the alt coins. as per my researches done recently i have found potential coins.

The coins are

  1. PRL- Oyster Perl
  2. Zil-  ZILLIQA
  3. TRX- TRON
  8. DENT - DENT


Legacy Lotto – Revolutionary Ticket system with smart contract

Legacy Lotto – Revolutionary Ticket system with smart contract

Today I am going to tell about the Legacy Lotto ICO. This is important because it’s the first decentralized worldwide lottery offering ticket mining and self-executing smart contracts.
Currently there is no project like this, this will be great hit in the smart contract industry. Most innovative part of the Legacy lotto is Ticket mining. This will be done through CPU power HASH Rate, so the users can increase the chances of jackpot winning.
There are key factors that we have to look before us investing. Online gambling is now very popular than previous times, take look at the previous charts   Billion dollar market there. Industry experts says this market will be 97$ billion in 2024. Always 20% increment there when we compare to previous years.

For more details you can see from the white paper, click here or https://drive.google.com/file/d/1BmwzsunfBmQXFG9bJirGDZDM3lLwvBbL/view

Now I am going to describe the team behind this solid project.

Mr Rafael Utkin

He is an Entrepreneur, he takes lot of initiatives as a serial entreprenuner. He saw the online gambling market future. It’s going to be massive so he take the initiative.

Mr Alfonso Martin

Mr Martin Hold BA Degree from Tel aviv University. He also invested on crypto currency for long time. He has extensive experience on investment banking and other portfolio investments.  

Mr Alexander Yanovich
Block chain Developer

Mr Alexander has extensive experience on the Software development side and especially on hardware mining side. Surly his support will be big for the project

There are lot qualified and experienced professional work with this project. With their experience this smart contract based gambling project will be massive surly.
You can search more details through the LinkedIn Social Network.

Now I am showing ICO Details as per white paper.
1.       Pre ICO Starts on – January 22
2.       Pre ICO Ends on – February 14
3.       ICO Start Date – March 2
4.       ICO End Date I – April 20

·        Full token allocation is 1,000,000,000
Token allocation

Team 10%
ICO 80%
Foundation Budget   5%
Early Investors           5%

Most important thing I am going to describe is Road map, we can see how their progress.

2017 Q4 – Project concept initiate
2018 Q1 – Pre ICO and Main ICO to collect fund to run the project.
2018 Q2 – Smart Contract Completion
2018 Q3 – Decentralized Lottery launch. Legacy Lottery wallet, Token Listing on exchanges
2018 Q4 – Legacy Mining node extension
2019 Q4 – Mobile App Launch

In my opinion this is unique project because Ticket mining concept is there. It’s an innovative idea along with crypto world. From the GPU /CPU power you can mine the tickets and can increase the chances of winning the jackpot. https://www.legacylotto.io/

Advantages of the Legacy Lotto system

  • ·         Play at anywhere around the world.
  • ·         Play with new technological patterns compare to traditional patterns.
  • ·         Accept lot of currencies
  • ·         100% privacy and anonymous.  

I completely fond of the privacy concern. If you win a big jackpot in a traditional gambling place, everyone knows that you won some time it will be trouble so in this smart contract no one knows who the winner is. Specially names.

Now you can buy LGY tokens from the website https://www.legacylotto.io/buy-lgy
LGY is ERC 20 Supported Token so can keep on the private wallets.

There are lot partners Engaged
  • ·         Best coins
  • ·         Coin gecko
  • ·         ICO alert
  • ·         ICO Countdown
  • ·         ICO Tracker
  • ·         ICO watch list

You can contact through the


PRE-ITO [22 Jan, 2018 - 14 Feb, 2018]
ITO [15 Feb, 2018 - 20 Apr, 2018]


FIANCIA Innovative Trading platform with TV channel - ICO

FIANCIA Innovative Trading platform with TV channel 

Today I am going to describe about the New ICO, Fiancia . It’s not crypto currency its trading platform. Normally crypto platform connects the investors but in this project unique is crypto currency 24hr news platform also inbuilt. With this unique project surly you can make better relationship with investors and traders and community as well. You can visit Fiancia’s official website for more details  ,
website  or you can paste link the browser https://fiancia.io/

Now I am going to describe the Team behind the Project. The team is solid team with vast experiences and qualifications.

Mr Babar Mahmood

Mr babar gratudated from Oxford Brookers university  , and having the qualification of chartered financial analyst. He is famous block chain technology expert. In his career path he is CEO of Fiancia Limited UK , Investment banker of TC Ziraat Bankasi  and also investment specialist at Barclays Investment bank. He has well extensive experience on this field so this project will be massive in the future. For more details please visit  https://www.linkedin.com/in/mahmood-babar-cfa-633705156/

Tom O’ RElly
Board Member

He has 40 years of extensive experience in the financial service industry, he was advisor for several powerful crypto currency projects. His previous designations was advisor, senior vice president of sales. Liquidity manager, Vice president. From his extensive career exposure you can support very well this Crypto currency trading platform.

Dr Vijesh
Chief Technology Officer

Mr Vijesh has Ph.D Business administration and management in Manonmaniam Sundarnar University. He has lot experience in the retail banking and  10+ Yrs. experience in Implementing Temenos T24.
He has given supports many countries on the world wide. He is a block chain specialist too. He empower this project surly.
He worked in the senior Business analyst for Deutsche bank. For more details you can visit https://www.linkedin.com/in/vijeshr

There are several key members there

Mr Dmitry Machikhin – Blockchain technolodgy expert - https://www.linkedin.com/in/dmitry-machikhin-56282a77/

Mr Ali Akbar – Marketing Head https://www.linkedin.com/in/ali-akbar-4b5a9a157/

M/S Laura Zaharia – Community Manager https://www.linkedin.com/in/laura-zaharia-a0802414a/

** Pre sale is LIVE 50% discount there you can buy for the cheap.  This offer will live for 31st of march.
Need to buy please click here or visit the website https://fiancia.io/

Need a video explanation of the project here the video

I am now explaining why you need to participate this ICO.

As per my view this is great project with highly return of investment, Most unique thing is  Dedicated TV channel for the crypto currency,  this is new feature to block chain people. You can be updated anywhere around the world. You can the charts, news, trends so you can be successful all the way. Its 24/7 basis live.
As per the White paper of Project, Purpose of the TV Channel.

  • ·         Arrival of new currencies
  • ·         Future of different currencies
  • ·         The technology behind the development
  • ·         Mining
  • ·         Pros and cons
For more details you can read the white paper, Click here  to read white paper or click the link here https://fiancia.io/design/whitepapers/whitepaper.pdf

Now am going to describe about the ROAD MAP

Q2- 2017 
·         Idea preparation and study and research about the project
Q3- 2017
·         Project visibility and team building
Q4 – 2017  
·         Legal Recognition and Demo version release and ERC 20
Q1 – 2018 
·         White paper, worldwide media Coverage, Launching bounty programme , marketing seminars , release alpha version
·         Development of system architecture and Testing, Listing crypto currency pairs, FIN Main sale starts, FIN Token listing on exchanges
Q3 – 2018
·         RM ,KYC , Client portfolio social network featured modules integration and setup
·         Connection of Visa and Master Cards
·         Beta version of the platform release
Q4 – 2018  
·         worldwide recognition and road map for partnership

Here the details of token sale

  • §  Start of the sale is 1st march 2018 , end date 15th june 2018
  • §  Minimum contribution is .1 ETH
  • §  Total Number of tokens 60,000,000 FIN
  • §  Hard Cap 30,000 ETH

Allocation of the tokens as per the white paper

·         Main Sale – 75%

·         Founders and Advisors – 11%

·         Pre-sale – 10%

·         Bounty – 4%

Exciting news is that they are prefer to list their tokens on

  1. §  BINANCE
  2. §  BITTREX
  3. §  HITBTC

Yes , My main conclusion is this project will be more successful than other. Innovative idea there. For more details you can find from under links

Good luck

Best Upcoming ICO's March, April

After a long time i am writing an article, because i was so busy with block chain tech developments and personal commitments.


Cibus token sale now available , its same as Ins ECO system .  Its given Fully eco system to block chain.

Its connecting farmers to the Consumers directly without inter person. Smart contract based.

you can  Register with this



That also very good ico , Lottery based registration there please be hurry 12th march it starts.

whats the best ICO's March and April

Everyone asking the what are the best ICO's to march and April.

Currently now bear market is running. so Many ICO's not given as we expected. As per my researches i can tell you these ICO's best for up coming months.

  • Credits ICO
  • Bobs Repair

Bobs repair is a good ICO because its supported and recommended by the John McAfee. John McAfee is the who found McAfee internet virus guard,

  • Sentinel Chain

This is also good ICO secure the B2B marketplaces. 

Do your own research before investing.

this is not financial advice too

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